About Us

Chat.Law is an attorney owned an operated online lawyer directory that is truly operated by an attorney for attorneys. Are you tired of paying ridiculously high acquisition costs for leads? Do the major attorney directories annoy you constantly with their overpriced empty promises where they want to charge you per lad; per call, per click, per visitor. They want to monitor all your site traffic, incoming call traffic, have access to the forms people submit. All so they can either charge you more for your spot on their site later, or use your data to sell their services to another attorney, maybe even a competitor.
Chat.Law does not engage in any of these shenanigans.

We see a problem with how these directories operate. They aren’t actually trying to help a consumer and they aren’t actually interested in quality of life for attorneys. What the consumer needs and what the attorney need, we think, are pretty simple:

Clients need access to lawyers they trust.

Lawyers need clients they want to represent.

All of the fillable forms, e-mails and phone calls in the world can’t accomplish what ever good lawyer knows; you get the most information by speaking to somebody face to face. A quick conversation can quickly and efficiently let both the attorney and client know if it’s the right fit.

Our goal is to provide a online lawyer directory that is easy to use for clients, inexpensive to participate in for attorneys, and promotes face to face attorney/client interaction via one-click video chat.